One of the main things that we do at JS Welding & Fabrication is custom fabrication. The basic idea behind our fabrication services in Temecula is that we create items or structures out of steel and other materials for you to use on your industrial, commercial, or residential project.

Our scope of fabrication services is very diversified, as we are able to fabricate countless different items according to your exact specifications with a close attention to detail.

Give us a call at 760-497-9069 and we can discuss your upcoming fabrication project. From there, we can meet with you so that we can develop a better understanding of your vision and design ideas, and we can get started on your fabrication project.

Types of Fabrication Jobs

Whatever types of metal fabrication you require in Southern California, our services and products are second to none. Below is a list of some of our major fabrication services and capabilities:

Structural Steel

Structural steel is used in many conditions where a core strength is needed in holding up buildings & components in extreme conditions. At JS Welding & Fabrication, we can design, engineer & fabricate what you need to complete your projects. JS Welding & Fabrication is a full service fabrication shop located in Temecula, California, and serving the Southern West coast area, including Fallbrook, Oceanside, Riverside, San Diego Counties.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a fabrication art in itself. At JS Welding & Fabrication, we can form, bend, shear, laser cut, waterjet, plasma, & turret punch your materials to size & shape.

Heavy Equipment

From repairing boom sections, hardfacing & building buckets from scratch, we can handle your equipment welding needs.

Railing and Gates (Ornamental Iron)

Hand railings, Gates & Ornamental Iron are some of the items that we build in our shop that are custom to each project. From industrial, commercial & residential, decorative railings, gates & anything you can dream up, we can build it for you.

Smokers & BBQ’s

We have been competing in BBQ since 2010. The unique part of it is that we build our own BBQ’s, smokers and cookers. It has been a success. From backyard units to over 20’ long towable commercial catering units. Some units have been shipped as far as back east to competition teams.

Trailers and Truck Racks

Those who haul items for a living or at least require hauling capabilities might need custom trailers, racks, or truck beds, depending on their current setup.

If you believe that you could benefit from having a custom trailer that is built with your exact business in mind, we are here to help.

Also, if you find that your truck bed isn’t ideal for hauling your product, see what we can do for you. After all, it’s easier to have a custom welding job done to your exact specifications then it is to search for a new truck that might, or might not, suit you better than your current one.

If you are in need of a custom welding project, there is an outstanding chance that we have dealt with something similar before and can help you. We handle jobs of all sizes, so give us a call and we can discuss your exact fabrication needs.

Techniques Used

Of course, we use a variety of different techniques when customizing your projects for you, depending on what you need from us.

Depending on the situation, you might see us use:

CNC Cutting – A process that involves using as computer-controlled machine to cut a piece of sheet metal. CNC cutting produces consistent, high-quality work and you can be certain that each cut is identical to your specifications.

Rolling – A cold forming technique where pieces of sheet metal or steel shapes are put through a rolling machine and formed into a specific shape or size.

Bending – A process where metal is either bent with a press brake for sheet metal or tubing with a tubing bender. This is yet another technique that we use to make sure that every fabrication meets your needs.

Punching – A method of putting holes into metal with a highly specialized tool. Punching holes into materials allows us to create holes at a low cost versus drilling.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in any of our fabrication services, give us a call at 760-497-9069. The experts at JS Welding & Fabrication are standing by to take your call and will make sure that the components that you need are fabricated to your exact specifications.

Remember “No problems, just solutions.”