At JS Welding & Fabrication, we handle projects of all sizes in commercial, industrial, and residential environments throughout Southern California and strive to ensure that you are 100% happy with the job done. Our certified welders work tirelessly to fabricate any item that you order to your exact specifications and can complete the job in our shop or on your property.

Contact us at 760-497-9069 for more information on the welding and fabrication projects that we can handle and remember that just because it’s not listed on this page doesn’t mean that we cannot do it. We have the welding supplies necessary to handle jobs of all sizes.


Our commercial services cover a variety of different projects, including structural fabrication and arc welding. We can also manufacture company signs, create commercial-grade stairs, or build a balcony for your business.

Running a restaurant? Ask us about the custom stainless steel kitchen equipment that we can fabricate to your required dimensions. After all, no two restaurants are alike, so there’s no reason why your space should have to conform to rigid specifications.

If you can come up with an idea that makes your business better, we can create the product for you.


Industrial properties often need custom welding services because amenities are required on a far larger scale than what is typically sold in retail shops. For example, your company might need large garbage bins to fit all of the waste that you dispose of or you might require bins of a certain shape.

Safety is another issue on industrial sites that we can help with through the creation of safety rails or custom platforms. Your space likely has some quirks and by having us fabricate these items, you can be certain that you end up with a perfect fit.

Need a garage door on the warehouse? It's no problem for us because our certified welding experts create products like this out of metal in our shop and them bring them to your industrial property.


Around the home, there is always the need for our welding services. When renovating your outdoor area, you might want some stainless steel furniture or a brand new mailbox. These items are sure to become a focal point in your yard, especially when friends and neighbors learn that we created them from scratch.

Fences are another item that we manufacture or repair. If you are unhappy with the look or functionality of your current fence or gate, give us a call. A custom job is much more attractive than anything that you’ll find commercially, especially with JS Welding & Fabrication and our nearly 30 years of experience on the job.

Heavy Equipment

Have some heavy equipment that you need modified or repaired? We do that, too, as our experienced welders have dealt with creating replacement parts for nearly any type of heavy equipment imaginable.

Is your forklift or bulldozer damaged? Give us a call to see what we can do for you. The end result is that you’ll have a functional piece of equipment for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Gates and Railings

Having railings around your home or commercial property is important, especially when stairs are involved. We can create new railings to meet your needs or provide welding maintenance services to ensure that all of your railings are structurally sound.

A stainless steel railing will last a lifetime and guarantees that anyone using your stairs is safe. Railings also keep people away from certain parts of your property and, since the dimensions are different on every piece of land, custom is the only way to go.

Truck Racks & Trailers

Truck racks and trailers are always a popular items because everyone has different needs. If you’re planning to haul lumber in your trailer, you will want different dimensions and have different needs than if you’re moving flooring, so a custom job is almost always the way to go.

We have experience creating the ideal racks and trailers for individual business types, so you can trust that your new equipment will be perfect for your purposes.


From an architectural point of view, we can create sculptures that are sure to get your building noticed and helping with your branding efforts. We can also be involved in your building renovations.

Countless homes and businesses are now using steel when doing their renovations to give their building an unfinished, contemporary look. If you decide to go down this path, trusting a local company with a wealth of experience ensures that everything is done right the first time.